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Explore Zija's "Solution Bundles"...Which one is best for you... Nutrition, Weight Management, Energy, Active Life & Fitness, Personal Care, or Home Essentials?  The value is amazing!

**Solution Bundle of the Month! Good now until August 16th!

..Weight Management Bundle..


Holy Moly, check this out!!! Solution Bundle of the month! 💃This bundle is truly amazing.  Regularly $199.00 (my cost), but now through September 13th... it's only $150!!  Sorry guys, this is only for new Customers! However, for those of you that already are customers.... the $199.00 is still a great deal too!  Here is the Link for you New Customers! Click here! Need help....just ask!

With the help of these weight management products, you’ll be able to curb cravings, find digestive support, cleanse harmful toxins, and have increased motivation for a more active lifestyle.


  • 10 Core Moringa Premium Tea Pouches
  • 60 Core Moringa XMburn Capsules
  • 30 Core Moringa SuperMix Packets
  • 1 Bottle of Améo Trim & Tone (15 ml)
  • 20 Core Moringa Daily Tea Pouches
  • One (1) 4-Day Sample Pack
    • 2 Core Moringa Premium Tea Pouches
    • 8 Core Moringa XMburn Capsules
    • 4 Core Moringa SuperMix Packets
    • 4 Améo Trim & Tone Sachets
    • 2 Core Moringa Daily Tea Pouches
    • For more information on these specific products, visit www.livingyourgreatnessglobal.com

New !!!

Active Charcoal Mouth Rinse... Available 1st week of August!

Key benefits...

Activated coconut charcoal binds to tartar and bacteria; working to draw out and absorb toxins, resulting in whiter teeth.  Améo Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oils naturally keep your breath minty fresh.  Moringa seed oil has potent anti-microbial properties that helps to maintain a clean mouth!


Charge Nootropic!  Available 1st week of August!

Helps balance the mind.

Provides enhanced focus.

Supports normal nerve and cognitive function.

Sharpens concentration and memory recall.

Optimizes mental clarity and creativity.